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Traditional Kintsugi  Workshop + Maki-e Experience

2024 LA & NYC Kintsugi Clinic in planning...
UP NEXT:  Japan Urushi Forestry + Kintsugi Workshop December 2024


  • Beginner with no experience are welcome! (this is a craft-focus workshop, not related to wellness or therapy)

  • Learner who wants to trial and learn the actual material, tools and technique of authentic kintsugi practiced in Japan

  • Learner who has been scavenging information from internet and books and wants to build better foundation knowledge on traditional kintsugi practice. 

  • Learner who has practiced using super glue, chemicals and epoxy and desires to practice authentic traditional kintsugi using real urushi lacquer and all-natural materials. 

Kintsugi Workshop (enrolling)

Past (2023) US Kintsugi Workshops

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