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  • Shipping
    We use JAPAN POST to ship domestically and internationally from Japan. Please select Airmail parcel post (8-10 days) or EMS Express (2-3 days). Custom from receipient country may cause delay. Receiver will be responsible for all tax and custom duty from their own country, if applicable. If special express delivery is needed, please email us directly for instruction. Items will be shipped within 7 days of payment. International shipping time varies, usually takes about 2-4 weeks to arrive. Due to COVID19, we cannot guarantee delivery date, but we will maintain communications with all customers on updates and changes regarding to shipment and delivery. Read our Shipping and Handling page for details.
  • Gift Wrapping Service
    Yes! Gift wrapping is a very important part of the gifting culture in Japan. Leave us a message when you place your order. We provide gift-wrapping and special handwritten note card upon request for an additional USD4. Select "Gift Wrap" at check out.
  • Return & Refund
    Returns are accepted within 14 days of purchase for refund, exchange or store credit. Returns must be authorized in advance or will be returned to sender at the senders expense. Please refer to Terms and Conditions page for details. Returned items must be UNUSED and in perfect condition to be returned. Please send items back by insured mail with a copy of your receipt. Shipping charges will not be reimbursed. We are used to dealing with fragile items, so care is taken during packing. In case of broken / damaged pottery due to shipping packaging, please reject the package and communicate with us in details on the condition. We will replace the item best we can.
  • Sales Tax / VAT / Custom Duty
    10% Sales Tax applies only to shipping address IN Japan. When shipping address is outside of Japan, we do not charge sales tax on the purchase from However, buyer (or recipient) is responsible for all customs duty and consumption tax (VAT) of their own country. The amount is determined by the destination country's Custom and collected by the carrier, whom will collect any applicable tax prior to releasing the package . The calculation is based on the value of the item (and the international tariff HS code) declared on the commercial invoice enclosed with the package. The VAT & taxes vary per country. We do not have visibility on the VAT amount billed to buyer. Each country has different rate and allowable purchase thresholds. (E.e.g if your purchase is under the threshold, it could be duty-free) Any question about duty / VAT, please check with your country's tax bureau.
  • Product Discrepency
    You are purchasing handmade products and no two items are alike, we provide product description and specification as accurate as we can. However, because everything is made one-by-one by hand, so slight variations incolor, dimension, weight should be expected. Artisans in Japan are highly-skilled and have decades of experience in their trade. It is the nature of hand-made product to have variations.
  • Product Care
    Hand-made pottery requires (and deserves) some extra care. If you show them some love, they will last you a lifetime. That is how many hand-crafted items become family heirlooms. Visit our Product Care Page for information on how to handle hand-made pottery.
  • Special Order or Out of Stock items
    Because everything is made at the kiln by hands, some artisans welcome custom order and will make products based on your needs. Please contact us to inquire about Special or Custom order. Expect at least 1 to 1.5 month of completion time. Ceramics as well as most other handcraft requires a lot of time. This could be a great idea for special gift for your special occasion or anniversary celebration, just plan ahead.
  • Interest in Partnership / Trade
    We'd love to discuss new collaborations, trade, or initiatives. Please refer to Trade & Partnership page.
  • 禮品包裝
    禮品包裝是日本禮品文化中非常重要的一部分。 下訂單時請給我們留言。 我們可應要求提供禮品包裝和特殊手寫便條卡,額外收費US$8。 在結帳時請選擇“禮品包裝” ”Gift Wrap”項目。
  • 郵送
    我們使用日本郵政運送日本國內和海外包裹。 請選擇航空郵件包裹(8-10天)或EMS 快遞(2-3天)。收貨國家/地區的海關檢查可能會導致郵送延誤。 如果適用,收貨人將負責其國的所有關稅。 如果需要特殊快遞,請直接與我們查詢。 商品將在付款後7天內發貨。 國際運輸時間有所不同,大約2-4週送達。 由於COVID19,我們現不能保證交貨日期,但我們將與所有客戶保持聯繫,以更新有關交貨的信息。 郵遞與手續的頁面以獲取詳細資訊。
  • 退貨退款
    購買後14天內,如有需要,我們會接受退款、退貨或工商店信用。退貨必須事先獲得授權,否則退貨將退回給發件人,費用由發件人承擔。有關詳細信息,請參閱“條款”頁面。 退回的物品必須是未經使用和處於完好狀態。請以受保郵遞將物品連同收據副本一起寄回。運費不會退還。 我們專門處理易碎物品,因此包裝時會格外注意。如果由於運輸包裝而導致陶器損壞/損壞,請拒絕該包裝並向我們提交詳細資料。我們將盡力更換該物品。
  • 產品描述
  • 產品保養
    手工製作的陶器需要(而且值得)額外的照顧。請加以愛護,他們將為您終生為伍。 很多手工製品就這樣成為家傳之寶。 請閱覽產品保養頁面,以獲取有關如何處理手工陶器的信息。
  • 特殊訂單或缺貨商品(限陶器)
    陶器都是在窯元匠人手工完成的,工匠會接受定制訂單,並會根據您的需求生產產品。如有需要,請聯繫我們以諮詢訂製訂單的事宜。 預計至少需要1到1.5個月的完成時間。 陶瓷以及大多數其他手工製品都需要上述的製作時間。 為特殊場合或週年紀念日製作特殊禮物是好主意,請提前計劃。
  • 夥伴/貿易
    我們樂意討論新的合作、貿易或創意企劃。 請參考合作頁面。


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