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Japanese lacquer urushi

Japan Urushi Forestry Experience +
Kintsugi Workshop 2024

A unique Japan travel experience. Meet lacquer growers and artisans. 

Hands-on workshop on lacquer craft and authentic traditional kintsugi.

December 14-20, 2024


Exclusive access to urushi forest and meet with urushi forestry artisans (offer only once a year)

Quality and comprehensive traditional kintsugi workshop using all-natural material 

Travel for good social cause, support revitalization of Japanese rural craft towns

and relieve over-tourism in Tokyo and Kyoto.​

See the true beauty and value of Japanese lacquer & craft

from its source.


You are:

  • Curious about Japanese lacquer and lacquer craft

  • Culture-curious, slow-traveler

  • Support social-responsible travel and rural Japan revitalization

  • Seasoned traveler:  seeking genuine immersive experience, beyond touristy destinations

  • Authenticity seekers: discontent with faux-kintsugi, mis-information and practices on this craft 

  • Craft advocates: Explorer, New-comer, Self-taught, Beginners...etc. are all welcome


You will find this a travel experience of a life-time, exploring a hidden gem in rural Japan and supporting one of the most reputable traditional craft of Japan.  After this cultural immersion, become our ambassador and tell the world about Daigo and why Japanese lacquer craft is so precious.  

kintsugi kit, food-safe kintsugi supplies, tonoko, urushi lacquer, jinoko

Traditional Kintsugi Workshop

We are not offering wellness training or life coaching. This is craft-focus kintsugi workshop. 


The workshop will introduce traditional kintsugi materials and tools, the art of pottery repair with lacquer and gold. We've designed the course to provide hands-on exercises, allowing you to learn techniques and practice extensively. By the end of the workshop, you'll have a solid foundation in traditional kintsugi tools and techniques and ready to practice on your own. Many participants find an epiphany after understanding the preciousness of material, and the diligence and patience required to practice this slow craft. They left our workshop with completely new insight about kintsugi, including many who have completed kintsugi courses elsewhere.


It is important to understand that Maki-e painting is the foundation of kintsugi craft, and Fuki-urushi sets the fundamental understanding of urushi as a repair and finishing material.  Our workshop have set projects for you to experience both traditional crafts

Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive, informational traditional kintsugi workshop in English with exposure to all-traditional, all-natural material in Japan. No more lost-in-translation, second-hand misinformation or faux-kintsugi practices.


December 14th - 20th, 2024


Ibaraki Prefecture is North of Tokyo, 2.5 hours by car and under 3 hours by train from Tokyo Station. Daigo is a hidden gem, lesser traveled by tourists and surrounded by mountains and waterfalls.  It is the second largest forestry of urushi trees in Japan, producing premium quality urushi lacquer to artisans nationwide.

urushi, japanese lacquer, kintsugi class, kintsugi kit, ki urushi, food safe kintsugi


US$2,795.00 per person. Inclusive of 6 nights lodging, all meals, all local transportation during the course, and daily activities/workshops: exclusive access to urushi lacquer forest and meet the urushi foresters, intensive kintsugi craft workshop, lacquer artisan studio visit and a day of outing. 

Only 6 seats available. 

The cost of the travel workshop does not include transportation to-and-from the workshop designated meeting location (Ibaraki Prefecture). 

10% Japan consumption tax included.

kintsugi workshop, learn kintsugi, food-safe kintsugi, jinoko, urushi, kintsugi lesson, kintsugi gold powder

Reservation & Policy

Limit to 6 seats only. The group size is set small for best workshop experience.

However, we may consider adding an additional session pending on number of inquiries received.  When full, put in your request so we know the demand. 


Full payment is required during reservation.

We understand sometimes travel plans may change, so please check our cancellation refund policy and note the dates listed for full or partial refund. 


Book now 2024

Reserve your seat now.
Program date: December 14-20, 2024

(limit 6 spots)

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Travel deeper into Japan, beyond Tokyo and Kyoto. 

Relieve problems brought by over-tourism in main tourist destinations and bring economic activities to needed regions with equally-important cultural history and traditions. 

2024 Itinerary


  • Participant to arrive at designated meeting point. (in Ibaraki Prefecture)  

  • Check-in, settle-in

  • Afternoon Meet-and-Greet and introduction session

  • Welcome Dinner party



  • Exclusive visit to urushi forest, meet with professional urushi foresters and cultivators and learn about urushi forestry, and Japan-grown lacquer.

  • Exclusive urushi-tapping experience (extraction of tree sap) * 

  • Rest of day: Kintsugi workshop & lacquer craft assignment


  • Kintsugi studio day​​


  • Lacquerware studio tour & hands-on lacquering workshop 

  • Kintsugi studio work time.


  • OUTING: enjoy a day visiting a family pottery kiln

  • Japanese ceramics workshop


  • Kintsugi studio day


  • Breakfast (final huddle).  Check-out (am), departure. 


Reserve now.
Program date: December 14-20, 2024
(limit 6 spots)

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What you will gain from this cultural travel experience


Exclusive Access to Experience Urushi Forestry

Access to the source and learn about the most important raw material for Japanese craft. Meet and talk to lacquer foresters who maintains the forest of about a thousand urushi trees.  See how a handful of expert cultivators sustain as the second largest producer of premium, Japan-grown lacquer.


Lacquering workshop

Meet lacquering artisan. Experience using urushi lacquer to repair and as a coating material on wood. Work on a small lacquering project on abandoned urushi tree-trunk (from the cut-down tree), and bring home a one-of-a-kind souvenir (handcrafted by YOU) that you will remember and keep for life!


Comprehensive, Authentic Kintsugi Pottery Repair Workshop

The most comprehensive English information about material, tools and techniques on authentic traditional kintsugi craft.  Build good, solid foundation to get yourself ready to practice the craft.  No more lost in translation or misinformation.


Maki-e Art Painting Experience

Experience Maki-e art painting, the foundation of kintsugi pottery repair and gain insight about mastery in using traditional maki-e paint brush, urushi lacquer and gold decoration. 


What kintsugi supplies are included in the package (for use in class and to bring home)?
  • matte gold powder 

  • matte silver powder

  • 3 standard types of urushi lacquer

  • premium quality Daigo ki-urushi (exclusive, not for sale in store)

  • All repair base powder

  • Handmade wood spatulas

  • Paper mixing palette pad

  • Beginner's traditional cat-hair maki-e paint brush & cleaning wand

  • Lacquer practice plaques

  • Small ceramic items for repair exercise

Total value over $360.00

There will be sufficient additional material for class use, in addition to the above bring-home kit.  Additional kintsugi supplies will be available for sale on site for those who are interested (to save shipping cost from ordering online)

Food and Special Diet

All food cost is covered (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks/coffee & tea).  If you require special diet or have food allergy, please notify us during reservation and we will do our best to accommodate. Japan cuisine are in general high-quality and healthy, but most places have little experience with vegetarian, vegan or special diet.  We will do our best to accommodate your dietary needs, if you give us advance notice. 

Alcohol beverage is not included, and will be your out-of-pocket expense. 

What do I need to bring?

We recommend you bring your own sleeve covers or simple long-sleeve work clothes or apron.  Once urushi gets on fabric, it is not removable.  Sleeves will also protect you from direct skin-contact with raw lacquer.  We will have extra gloves, sleeves and apron on site for those who forgot theirs.

Bring your own pens and notebooks as well!!

Why is the enrollment so limited?

We want to keep the group small to maintain quality discussion time and workshop experience.  However, we can possibly increase headcount for 1 or 2 extra person based on assessment. 

Can I cancel after I make reservation?

Yes. Cancellation fee may incur if you past certain dates. Refer to dates listed in Refund Policy section and Terms & Conditions


We understand some times travel plans could change.


Cancellation request should be made via email.

Cancellation email received by Aug 1, 2024 (Japan standard time), full refund with a $50 processing fee

Cancellation received on or after Aug 2, 2024 Japan standard time50% of total course fee could be refunded 

No show will be no refund.

Seat is not transferable.  

Can I bring and repair my own broken pottery? 

You can bring your own small broken pottery or tools to use in the studio, however, expect the curing time may not be sufficient to properly finish your repair, and the risk of ruining the repair work during your travel.  

Feel free to bring your own work for review and consultation and benefit from group discussion on your work.  

Can I purchase a kintsugi kit at the workshop?

Basic kintsugi tools and broken ceramics for repair practice are included in this package.  Please read "What supplies are included"section.


If you would like to purchase additional kinstugi supplies or anything from for pick up during the workshop, email us so we can bring the materials to the workshop for you (and you can save on international shipping). 


Cut-off time for product purchase request is November 1st, 2024.  Reminder will be emailed to each participant.  

Do I need to have any kintsugi, lacquer craft, pottery experience?

No experience necessary.  Beginners are most welcome. 

Where will the workshop take place? Where do we meet?

Ibaraki Prefecture is 2 hours 45 mins train ride from Tokyo Station.  Detail access instruction on how to arrive at meeting point will be emailed to individual by August 31, 2024 and you can contact us to consult about planning your transportation to this route. 

Enrollment is full.  How to get on the wait-list?

You will be unable to make payment at the reservation page if the program is full.  EMAIL us to have your name added to the wait list. 


If space becomes available, we will email you in the order of the wait-list with a "Reply by" date so you can snatch the spot.  

Alternatively, you can plan to join us next year!  This is an annual program. 

Shall I be concerned about allergic reaction to urushi lacquer?

Yes.  That's why we give instructions on wearing gloves, clothings and gear.  Report immediately if skin contact occurred so we can provide oil and alcohol for immediate cleansing.


Not all people will show allergic rash, if it occurs, remedies are only for temporary relief and you may have to endure the rash for 1-2 weeks. 

Room occupancy (single? double?)

Accommodation is for double occupancy with 2 beds or 2 Japanese style futon beds on tatami.  If you prefer single occupancy (private room for 1), please email us after booking. Additional cost of $40 per night will be billed after confirming availability.  

Pending on availability, single occupancy may not be available, so advance notice would be highly appreciated so we can accommodate your needs.

Lodging & Facilities

For the first 5 nights, the group will stay at a well-equipped training facility, with double-occupancy private bedrooms, communal shower rooms, bath, toilets, workshop rooms, dining hall. This makes the kintsugi workshop efficient and convenient as you can leave your tools and works at your own work station. 


The final night will be at a local hot spring hotel (private double bed room, private bath & toilet and shared hot-spring facility)

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