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December 2024 Urushi Forestry + Kintsugi Workshop in Japan

Comprehensive information hub for traditional kintsugi from Japan.
rom urushi forestry to kintsugi gold powder.
No more second-hand information. No more lost in translation.

Photo © Taketombo Corp.


Graduating from kintsugi kit and
1-hour experience workshops? 

Seeking information on authentic traditional methods? 
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China has extensive history in pottery repairing.  At the time, mending and re-using was a common virtue and were practiced both by the commoners and the imperial court. 

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Urushi is very precious to the Japanese. The use and application technique of this tree sap has reached its height that none other countries can match.  It is beyond just a paint or coating material. 

Don't know where to start?

Read our quick guide on kintsugi supplies.

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A great place to expand your tools and material to what practitioners use in Japan. ​ Or replenish your supplies. 

We are aware of lost-in-translations in the market.  We saw serious learners paying premium for eye-candy packaged DIY kits with bamboo skewer sticks and substitution material, quickie workshops, and commodified kintsugi works. We understand the desire for some advocates to procure proper material and tools and quality artwork.  We believe in learning and curating your own tools, Masters and Apprentices never reach out for "kits". 

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In Japan, "Motta-inai" is a common virtue where goods should be well-crafted and made to last; If anything is worn and broken, mend it until the object can no longer serve its intended function.

growing urushi in japan
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Go to the source. Meet the tappers, defying the odds, working hard to revive Japan home-grown urushi. One will understand why this is such a precious and beautiful resource.

Japan-grown Urushi

 New Story Feature 
kintsugi on glass

Bi-annual pop-up gallery featuring works from Japanese artisans working in urushi, kintsugi and ceramics. 

Great place for unique gifts as well!

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Sign-up (free), join the community of authentic kintsugi advocates. Let's learn together!

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About "That" Broken Bowl 

How many times have you heard or read the generic story about a Japanese shogun sending an expensive broken bowl to China for repair and was returned with unsightly staples; thus the disgruntled shogun commanded something more pleasing, and started the Japan's development of a more refined and artistic repair method call Kintsugi?   


This "myth" could use some debunking, and we felt the need to clarify the origin of kintsugi in Japan. 


THE broken bowl has a name and a documented history.       


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bakoban, kintsugi history, history of kintsugi, traditional kintsugi

The Bakohan bowl is recognized as Japan's National Treasure archived in Tokyo National Museum.  It is an important piece of ceramics history of Japan.   This legendary bowl can be seen in the museum's digital archive here. 

We hope this will debunk the misunderstanding and dismissing of the clamp-repair method and shed some light on the "mythical" broken bowl that got sent to China for repair.   These "leech" clamps were appreciated as high-art BOTH in China as well as in Japan.  

Image rights ©National Institutes for Cultural Heritage

Calling all overseas kintsugi advocates

We'd love to hear from international advocates interested in learning and practicing authentic traditional kintsugi, understanding the value of this craft, and supporting the artisans in Japan that are working hard to sustain this craft.


  • Access demos videos and the Forum to share your thoughts and works. 

  • Seasonal perks on kintsugi supplies


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