trade & partnership

As a way to sustain heritage and revive lost crafts in rural Japan, we are dedicated to help small family-run businesses and local artisans to expand overseas market and establish sustainable business relationships with the international community.   Most of our Japanese craft affiliates station in remote locations outside of the metropolitans.   If you are interested in carrying hand-made, small-batch trade, made-to-order items from our artisans, please send us an inquiry.  We welcome any inquiry on wholesale and international distribution.  

We are also open to partnership on  

  • new product R&D

  • artisan's workshops

  • business or educational colloaboration

We are creative catalysts that can support a spectrum of initiatives.  We hope to sustain craft legacies in Japan through creativity and innovation, while renewing the value perception in high-quality, small-batch artisanal products. 

Please send trade inquires to