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why work with us?

We are social entrepreneurs who are also creative catalysts.  We put artisans who are guarding their family craft heritage first.  We are not merely merchandizers who buy products and promote them. We do not offer fancy videos or stylized photoshoots or romanticized artisan stories.  We dig deep into forgotten towns and meet artisans one by one, to learn their heritage and hear their challenges. We tell modest and authentic stories of these dedicated people. We build long-term relationship with artisans and help them work out taliored solutions and initiatives to sustain their craft.  No cookie-cutter strategy and marketing promotions.

trade & partnership

As a way to sustain heritage and revive lost crafts in rural Japan, we are dedicated to help small family-run businesses and local artisans to expand overseas market and establish sustainable business relationships with the international community.   Most of our Japanese craft affiliates stationed in remote locations outside of the metropolitans and they never have the same resource to promote like artisans in Kyoto and Tokyo. Through years of exploration and discussions with many rural towns, we realized government organizations or craft unions provide limited to no support to artisans but mandate a huge cut of the revenue from ineffective events and tradeshows, and at times, the "commission" or "fees" charged to the small family businesses went to pay for marketing affiliates and organizations in metropolitan Tokyo.  No system is perfect, but we see flaws and sometimes unfair trades here and there.  As a social enterprise, we understand about being small, and we want to approach this in a more effective way to ensure artisans' effort are respected and receive fair compensation.


If you are interested in featuring hand-made, small-batch trade, made-to-order items from our artisans, please send us an inquiry.  We welcome any inquiry on wholesale and international distribution.  


We are creative catalysts that can support a spectrum of initiatives.  We hope to sustain craft legacies in Japan through creativity and innovation, while renewing the value perception in high-quality, small-batch artisanal products. 


We are also open to partnership on  

  • new product R&D

  • artisan's workshops

  • business or educational collaboration, design courses or seminars

  • publications

  • handmade product trade / wholesale


We noticed the kintsugi craft is gaining popularity globally and it has been challenging for overseas advocates to get authentic and professional instructions in English.  We want to promote and preserve the authenticity of kintsugi and lacquer craft and be connected to those who shares the value and passion to learn.  

We can host customized online or physical workshops. We can travel internationally, bringing with us knowledge and authentic materials from Japan, to run kintsugi learning sessions for overseas crafts organizations, educational organizations, private or corporate functions and events. 


Don't settle with hobby kit in the market that gives you BBQ skewer sticks as spatulas!   We can help you curate and customize your own kintsugi kit with authentic and high-quality material.   We work with Japan's top urushi lacquer suppliers and we have a close network of artisans that hand-make traditional tools for urushi craft and kintsugi craft. 


OR if you are a kintsugi instructor looking to curate your own authentic kintsugi material and tools based on your workshops / course syllabus, we are here to support. 

In respect to the history and tradition of the craft, we offer professional information only on authentic traditional Kintsugi crafts and tools using all-natural material; with the understand that there is a lack of proper information in English and plenty of "modern method", "simplified method" in the market prompting the use of artificial and conventional chemicals. 

Please send all inquires to

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