Touched by Dedication

We curate hand-made, small-batch production items made by highly-skilled artisans from rural craft towns throughout Japan.  For their simple, warmth, humble and functional beauty.
Please enjoy the beauty of human touches.

Driving positive social impact through consumption?

TAKETOMBO and GOENNE work with local artisans to divert attention and revitalization effort to lesser-known rural towns. We want to raise awareness to the international community on social challenges brought by over-tourism and centralized resources in Japan.  Peer through the candy-coated marketing and fancy packaging of popularized towns, you will see many humble historic craft towns seeking to sustain and build resilience to their craft legacies.


Responsible Consumption

Responsible Travel

Japan's international visitors dropped as much as 98% during COVID19. Regardless, Japan ranks No.1 as a destination travelers would want to visit after the pandemic.  While we will be rebuilding a collapsed tourist industry, let's also re-evaluate: Shall we return to clustering and unsustainable practices or instead look deeper into what impact global travel and consumption bring?  How can we diversify investment and ensure support reaches the neglected regions?  Be an educated culture traveler. Your choice of destination and activities can drive positive impact. 

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Responsible Travel

Industrialization has trained us to consume, discard and consume more.  We are now facing the environmental and socio-economical impact that our desire for cheap, mass-produced product has brought. This is the moment to assess the price-paid for labor exploitation and cost efficiency.  Be aware of our consumption behavior, learn the integrity, quality and life cycle of goods through forgotten slow-crafts and artisanship. Be an educated consumer: understand the context of commodity, know the impact of your consumption to the local community and the environment. Respect quality goods that last.  

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