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What is it like working with small-batch Makers in Japan?

Updated: May 22

Thank you for being our friend. Giving you a glimpse of our day-in and day-out.

Goenne is known for rolling up our sleeves, get down-and-dirty and work closely with Makers in rural craft towns. Unlike most brands, we'd ditch the fancy packaging and stylized product photoshoots, and would rather spend more time digging deeper to understand the craft and find interesting opportunities to bring new interests or create new demand for them.

What you see presented, are not just a catalog of products.

So, what is it like working with our Artisans?

1kg of pickled vegetable from Kai the Carpenter.

Mr. Kai injured his finger in his wood shop couple months back. His description was "my finger got a bit shorter", he was concerning about losing some tactility in making extremely refined woodwork details. Carpentry is his life-long passion. COVID prevented us from visiting him, so we sent over whatever blessings we can and asked him to take however much time he need to rest and recover. His intelligence in carpentry will always be with him, and quality slow-craft can wait. 1 month later... the happy Kai sent our team each a styrofoam box filled with pickled vegetable by surprise. He is up and running again, and obviously spending time bulk-pickling at home! Then we are all relieved to hear that he is well and in good spirit. Watch for more chopsticks and wooden goodies coming from super Kai in no time!

Fresh produce
Kai would sent us fresh-cut corn from Aso every summer


The Whale Quiz from Mr. Imamura

You have seen photos of Mr. Imamura's studio from his page , and the amount of work and whale motifs he has created. The catalog of his work lives in his head. So what happened when we asked Mr. Imamura what whales are available for the 4" plate collection?

Japanese porcelain