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Pink Paradise: How To Celebrate Cherry Blossom Season Anywhere In The World

cherry blossom in japan

As we officially enter the spring season, a sea of pink washes over Japan and many other destinations across the world. We’re specifically referring to cherry blossoms, the enchanting pink flowers that mark the first signs of renewal and rebirth after a long, cold winter.  

Every year, people in Japan would start checking the flowering forecast and plan for travel and flower-viewing events. These days, there are even Apps where one can use to navigate to best flower-viewing places according to the bloom forecasts.

Japan Meteological Corp
Cherry blossom "Flowering Meter" for catching prime viewing days and "pedal shower" days where pink pedals would be fluttering in the wind.

cherry blossom Japan 2024

Cherry blossoms are a symbol of optimism, warmth, and joy for Japanese and global citizens alike. The arrival merits celebration, and nobody does it better than the Japanese. Sakura cherry blossoms marks the season to begin spring farming, colorful food palate, and school graduation ceremonies where young folks celebrate in kimonos, getting ready for new paths in life. Below we’ll be sharing the history and traditions of cherry blossom season in Japan, so you can recreate the festivities in your city!  

The Cultural Significance Of Cherry Blossom Season

Cherry blossom season is more than just a natural phenomenon that occurs every spring. It’s a centuries-old tradition in Japan, filled with joyful festivities and delicious treats.

To the Japanese, cherry blossoms hold deep cultural significance. These delicate yet eye-catching flowers only bloom for a few weeks of the year, serving as a reminder of life’s ephemeral nature. That’s why they love to take full advantage of every second of cherry blossom season: it’s short, beautiful, and incredibly symbolic.

Traditional Ways To Celebrate Cherry Blossom Season

Once the blossoms are at their fullest and fluffiest, Japanese citizens love engaging in hanami, or flower-viewing parties.

japanese confection spring sweets
Japanese sakura-theme sweets celebrate Spring

There are many things you can do during a hanami:

  • Picnics. Gather your friends and family, pack a bento box with your favorite snacks, lay down a blanket underneath the blossoms, and take in the beauty! Some favorite foods to bring include pink sakura mochi, hanami dango dumplings, and sushi. 

  • Sake celebrations. Wash down your pink-themed snacks with a refreshing glass of sake (or two). Hanami-goers can often be found sipping sake from day to night underneath the gorgeous canopies of cherry blossoms. 

  • Tea ceremonies. If you prefer to keep your celebrations alcohol-free, you can always try a traditional tea ceremony during your viewing party. Transitioning into Spring, it could be a bit chilly at times, try a comforting green tea and be sure to use a Japanese-style choko cup

  • Put on kimonos. People put on their kimonos to take strolls at the park. Dressing up to take photos with friends, family and loved ones with the beautiful cherry blossom backdrop. Be inspired by the beautiful Japanese traditional attire and celebrate spring with our colorful tabi socks.

  • Night-viewingHanami isn’t restricted to the daytime. To see the cherry blossoms in a more unique ambience, stick around until the evening where parks would stay open late and set up lanterns and lights underneath the trees. 

  • Pink everything. In Japan, cherry blossoms usually aren’t the only pink things during a hanami. You can blend in with the blossoms by wearing matching pink attire, eating pink foods, or dining with pink tableware.