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Japan Travel Workshop 2023: Japanese Lacquer & Kintsugi Workshop

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

In the serene heart of Japan, where tradition meets nature's beauty, we unveil a remarkable opportunity that celebrates the artistry of kintsugi and urushi lacquer forestry. After a year of dedicated effort and collaboration with the rural town of Daigo, we proudly present our first annual travel workshop: Experience Urushi Forestry + Kintsugi, scheduled from December 6th to 9th, 2023, amidst the Urushi forest of Daigo, Ibaraki Prefecture.

Culture Travel Enthusiasts, Japanese Craft Aficionados, Kintsugi Advocates, come meet with the urushi foresters at Daigo.

Japan Culture travel workshop:

Urushi Forestry Experience + Kintsugi Workshop

Date: December 6-9, 2023

Place: Urushi forest in Daigo, Ibaraki Prefecture


At Taketombo and, our mission has always been to venture beyond the bustling streets of Tokyo and the historic temples of Kyoto. We aim to address the challenges posed by over-tourism and foster greater interest and economic vitality in Japan's equally significant rural towns.

Hidden away, Daigo lies in Ibaraki Prefecture, just 100 miles north of Tokyo. Here, a close-knit community of lacquer foresters tirelessly preserves a trade of utmost importance: the cultivation of home-grown urushi lacquer, a resource that fulfills only 3% of the industry's demand. This labor-intensive, low-yield process has been abandoned by newer generations, yet a dedicated group of artisans remains resolute in protecting their agricultural wisdom and skills, ensuring the production of exceptionally high-quality urushi lacquer, a symbol of Japan's pride.

Our goal is to bring their remarkable work to the world stage, unveiling the untold stories and under-appreciated craftsmanship that reside in the heart of Daigo.

kintsugi workshop LA, Kintsugi NY, traditional kintsugi, kintsugi supplies
Goenne held Kintsugi workshop in LA and NY

Last month, we hosted Traditional Kintsugi workshops in New York and Los Angeles, where we met passionate Kintsugi advocates eager to delve deeper into this traditional Japanese craft. Surprisingly, many were unaware of Kintsugi's deep-rooted connection to Urushi Lacquer. This revelation has fueled our determination to share stories and knowledge.

As we always emphasize, Kintsugi is more than a passing trend or a fancy kintsugi kit; it's a commitment to preserving an industry, knowledge, and skills for future generations. We invite you to join us in promoting the significance of lacquer cultivation and traditional Japanese crafts.

To further our cause, we've launched the "ReStart from 3%" webpage, dedicated to Daigo's captivating narrative. We will work closely with urushi artisans and cultivators, tirelessly championing their work and seeking ways to sustain their craft. One of our key initiatives is this travel workshop.

urushi, japanese lacquer, repair pottery with gold, kintsugi, kintsugi workshop
repairing pottery with japanese lacquer and pure gold

Join us for an enchanting three-night

experience, nestled amid the Urushi forest, and discover the true essence of lacquer—the precious gift bestowed by Mother Nature and the relentless dedication of artisans who call the forest their home. Alongside, we will host an immersive Kintsugi workshop, offering profound insights beyond the romantic philosophy and mesmerizing gilding.

We hope you'll join us on this extraordinary journey. Please note that seating is exceedingly limited, and this event is held only once a year, timed with the harvesting season and the artisans' demanding schedules.

As a token of our appreciation, look for the coupon code on the website for a $100 discount on the first two seats reserved. Goenne members will also receive a $20 spending credit for our store. The deadline to reserve your spot is November 27, 2023. Seating is very limited for this exclusive experience.

This workshop is just the beginning of our commitment to "ReStart from 3%." We have more collaboration projects in discussion with the folks at Daigo, and you continue support as the global voice for them is needed. We invite you to follow the inspiring narrative from Daigo, delving into the art of Kintsugi, the allure of Urushi Lacquer, and the rich tapestry of Japanese craftsmanship.

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