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How do you learn kintsugi?

Every week, we receive a lot of inquiries about traditional kintsugi supplies and instructions. And we really admire your dedication and perseverance in learning this traditional craft.  We hear how challenging it is to obtain quality English information and many of you rely on extensive researches on the internet, watch numerous videos online (even in foreign language) and put all the puzzle pieces on your own.  Exploration and experimentation is good.  

We want to create a good Kintsugi learning experience for you and want to gather some information.  Please help us by filling in the questionnaire, mostly multiple choice.   

Use the form below, or click this button to access Google Form directly

As a token of thanks...

From now until March 13, 2022, we will draw 5 survey participants every Friday and send you a $5 coupon for your shopping of kintsugi supplies at our store. Feel free to use it on any other merchandize you like.

** Minimum purchase of $25. Coupon code will be sent via email, coupon expiration date 12/31/2022.

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