TENGU is a deity in ancient Japan folklores, whom appears in Buddhist, Shinto and Shugendo doctrines.   Tengu is depicted with a long bird beak and eventually the image was humanized with a long nose.   He is the protector of the nature and mountains, particularly the forests.  


TENGU masks are worn in Noh theatre and Kagura shinto rituals and it has since become an icon with power to ward off the evils.  


This Tengu san is also a quality top made by professional top-makers with 120-year-heritage that also looks cute.  

These quality wood figurines are designed by Kumamoto top-makers Carved by hands by the artisans at Kumamoto. Each face is also hand-painted.  


Made with broadleave trees from Kyushu Japan.  Natural wood finish, and as always, Kumamoto artisans make sure their works are nice to touch, easy on the hands. 


Keep it by your work desk (to ward off any unwanted evil at work!).  Take a break and take a spin when you are stressed.  This top is so well-made by top-making experts that it happily spins away for an extended time.  Check out the video clip.  




Hardwood from Broadleave trees in Kyushu Japan



Head   diameter 32mm. (1.3")

Body   28mm (1.1")

Overall height    55mm (2.17")


* Small parts are not suitable for young children or baby, beware of choke hazard. 


PROUDLY MADE IN JAPAN by top-maker Kumamoto Koma. 

TENGU Wooden Top-Doll

  • Hardwood from Broadleave trees in Kyushu Japan

  • Head diameter 32mm. (1.3")

    Body 28mm (1.1")

    Overall height 55mm (2.17")

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