KINOKO Mushroom Plate goes with the Mushroom Cups. This is one of the nature-inspired item hand-made by Kajiwara family.  Signature Koishiwara red clay with semi-transparent ash glaze creates a rustic and naturally warm feel.  


This small plate is great for small confections, treats, candies or even as accessory tray.  You can imagine in Japan, people use it for maracon-size Japanese sweets call "wagashi".


Use together with the KINOKO Mushroom Cup for your coffee or tea break.  


* Specification may varies due to the nature of hand-made product.  Each product is unique.

** Check our Product Care page for information on using and maintaining hand-made pottery.

KINOKO small plate

  • Diameter 9 cm  (3.5")

  • 103 g     0.23 lb

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