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Bento Box Meal Prep Tips: Easy Lunch Ideas with Japanese wood bento box.

It’s the start of a new work week, and you’re scrambling around in the morning because you’re not sure what to bring for lunch. With only a few minutes left on the clock until you need to head out, you realize you don’t have enough time to prepare anything, so you end up buying lunch out again.

Sound like a familiar situation? It’s one we’ve probably all been in a few times, but it’s also one that’s very avoidable thanks to convenient food storage solutions like wood bento boxes!

wood bento box, Japanese lunch box

With their various tiers and compartments, these iconic wood bento boxes make it easy to have a nutritious and well-rounded meal when you’re away from home. You just need a bit of guidance and inspiration to make it work on a regular basis. Here are some of our top bento box meal prep tips, so you can finally curb your habit of eating expensive and/or unhealthy meals out. 

Keep It Simple

The great thing about traditional wooden bento boxes is that they are normally used for foods that are eaten cold or at room temperature. This often means less cooking and prepping for you! 

Chop up some fruits and vegetables that can be eaten raw, make a quick meal like a sandwich, and add in some easy snacks like nuts and crackers. 

Keep It Balanced

Use your bento box compartments strategically to ensure you’re getting a balanced meal. Save one for vegetables, one for proteins (hard boiled eggs are a great choice), and another for grains, like rice. A traditional cedar wood bento box maintains proper moisture levels for rice, so it always stays soft and fluffy. Works well for bread storage, too!

If you have any extra space left over, you can always sneak in a little dessert compartment. Everything is fine in moderation!