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Unveiling the Essence of Japanese Craftsmanship: Japan Urushi Forestry & Kintsugi Workshop 2024

Updated: Jun 13

Escape the over-crowded Tokyo and Kyoto and immerse into the heritage of Japan urushi lacquer cultivation and kintsugi crafts, in a serene rural town in Ibaraki prefecture. Experience an unforgettable journey into the world of traditional Japanese lacquer artistry through kintsugi workshop and learn why Japanese refers urushi lacquer as “A drop of urushi is a drop of blood” 「漆の一滴、血の一滴」

urushi, kintsugi, urushi artisan, japanese lacquer
Meet with one of the few young artisans who dedicated their career in cultivating high-quality home-grown urushi lacquer. (photo shown: Yuma Watanabe, a 28-year-old urushi forester)

For one week, immerse yourself in the art of kintsugi—the meticulous craft of repairing pottery with lacquer and gold, through comprehensive, hands-on sessions. You'll learn the traditional techniques and materials, gaining a deep understanding of this delicate craft. The workshop also includes experiences with maki-e painting and fuki-urushi technique, providing a solid foundation in lacquer artistry. You will receive the most comprehensive information about kintsugi techniques and tools in English and build solid foundation in this craft.  No hobby kits, no lost-in-translation, no fly-by tourist kinstugi workshops.

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Get good foundation skills on traditional kinstugi, material and tool knowledge. No more lost-in-translation and graduate from hobby-level kintsugi kit.

maki-e, kintsugi, kintsugi gold powder, red urushi lacquer
maki-e workshop

But this tour is more than just a craft workshop. It’s a journey into the heart of rural Japan, supporting the revitalization of local communities. Your participation will contribute to sustainable tourism, helping to alleviate the pressures of over-tourism in popular destinations like Tokyo and Kyoto. Help bring economic activity to rural Daigo, a hidden gem known for its urushi lacquer cultivation heritage and as Japan's second-largest producer of premium lacquer.

From exclusive access to the urushi forests, where you'll meet the dedicated foresters and even participate in urushi-tapping, to hands-on kintsugi workshops and lacquering projects, this tour provides a unique, immersive experience. You'll visit a family pottery kiln, engage in Japanese ceramics workshops, and work on your own lacquer projects using traditional techniques and materials.

Located just 2.5 hours by car or under 3 hours by train from Tokyo, Daigo offers a tranquil retreat surrounded by mountains. The tour includes six nights’ lodging, all meals, local transportation, and daily activities, ensuring an enriching experience. With only six seats available, this intimate cultural immersion travel promises a deeply personal and transformative experience. Secure your place today and embark on a journey that will not only enhance your appreciation for Japanese craftsmanship but also support the preservation of these important heritage arts and crafts. After this cultural immersion, you'll become an ambassador for Daigo and the precious craft of Japanese lacquer. 

For more information and to reserve your spot, visit Goenne's Kintsugi Workshop.

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