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Traditional Kintsugi Tutorial & Tips: Touching up Kintsugi? No Problem!

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Getting old and cannot see what you are repairing? Or simply not finding your focus that day? It's ok. Traditional Kintsugi is forgiving. You can touch up the imperfection of the imperfect.
Tutorial on touching up kintsugi:

1. Allow the powdered joint to cure in the muro first.

2. Touch up lightly (with thin amount of urushi) in areas where you want to re-powder.

3. Apply new powder as usual.

4. Allow it to cure properly in the muro.

* Do this before you polish or burnish the gold or silver surface to get best (seamless) result.

Next time, wear a loupe, focus, keep calm, and watch where you are painting. :-)

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