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Resistance & Resilience in Ukraine

Condemn aggression and human rights violation from Russia in Ukraine. We are watching the unfolding of hostility, lies, brutal and unethical behaviours everyday. Resisting occupation and fighting an authoritarian regime is an extremely challenging task that requires CONTINUOUS support.

Japan's effort in providing assistance to Ukraine

Japan has been shipping medical supplies and military supplies such as helmets and gear to support the Ukraine's military forces since the beginning of the invasion.

In March, Japan has started accepting displaced Ukrainians into the country. This has triggered discussions about definition of refugees and evacuees and support programs for the Ukrainians. In fact, despite global criticism, Japan never has robust policy and program in place to accept refugees. In 2019, 10,375 applicants filed for refugee entrance into Japan and only 37 were granted special entry permit (0.4% acceptance rate, compare to 29-50% acceptance rate in North American and some EU countries). Ukrainian evacuees in Japan are now facing new challenges in a foreign country including housing and loss of means of livelihood. Simple tasks like grocery shopping in supermarket could become unimaginably difficult in Japan due to language barrier. Nonetheless, Japan national government is stepping up its support unprecedentedly, while all Japan-residing Ukrainians and municipal government are jumping in to help with the evacuee settlements.

Stand with Ukraine

If you have donated to help Ukraine, do not stop there. Continue to follow the condition and provide support. We stand together as a global community to condemn violence and call for human rights protection. Whether you choose to contribute to humanitarian relief or military assistance to save human lives, please consider donating to the following organizations.

International Committee of the Red Cross

Relief for civilians on the ground.


National Bank of Ukraine

Humanitarian funds for the Ukrainians, daily necessities and housing for the displaced.


Come Back Alive

Funds to support the Ukraine Armed Forces. Equipment and medical supplies.

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