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FINAL HOURS of our first crowdfunding initiative for a wood bento box: Beyond Bento at Kickstarter.

wooden bent box, japanese wood bento
beyond bento. how would you craft your own story with a handcrafted bento box?

We are at our final hours of crowdfunding for the Beyond Bento project.

We are thrilled that many choose to support us, out of all the craft projects saturating the platform.

It has been an interesting and eye-opening experience for us, not to mentioned being relentlessly spammed by agencies and individuals requesting to "boost the backers" and "reach 1000% growth"... etc. Eh... so that's how crowdfunding works now...? (we learned).

Anyhow, we are not seeking "1000% funded" and "sell-sell-sell" a commercialized craft merchandise. We stayed true to our intention of starting a small creative project to help family heritage makers to promote artisanal goods, and we managed to reach backers (you!) who are sincerely loving what we do and the humble little wood bento box we are developing. Now there is less than 6 hours to go!! Please continue to follow our Beyond Bento project and watch this humble project develops and evolves. You will have a front row seat to gain insight why Japanese traditional handcraft needs creative intervention. Definitely more interesting (and more meaningful) than reality TV shows. For us working at the backend, we have experienced roller coaster rides working with the remaining families of makers of an important craft object, the Hakata-style wooden bento box, the oldest bentwood box in Japan.

We look forward to share the continuous development of Beyond Bento with our many dedicated subscribers, whom many have just discovered through this project. We will stay connected! (wait until we show the kickstarter result to Ms. Shibata).

And we want to extend our sincere gratitude for following this project for the past 45 days!!


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