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**UPDATE** Our 1st Kintsugi workshop is to take place in Los Angeles this August. (added NYC, too!)

Updated: Aug 3

8/3/3023 Update: We just received very good feedback about our Los Angeles kintsugi workshops, We decided to make some improvement by condensing it into the same day and cutting the cost by half. Same material will be covered but more efficient and reasonably priced!
We also added one session in NYC!!!

We have been talking about kintsugi workshops for a long time, and many of you have sent in requests for online and physical classes. We REALLY appreciate your patience, as you know we are a small business with limited resource, so we move slow.

You know our passion is to promote authentic traditional kintsugi and we also hear your voices asking for quality learning experience. Straight from Japan, we will bring our kintsugi knowledge to our 1st stop in New York and Los Angeles. Hope there are enough of you in the area that can join. Seats are very very limited. You can read all about it here:



This is only the beginning! We hope we will have more time to plan and stop more other cities in 2024. Give us idea on locations, or pitch to us places that want to host quality traditional kintsugi workshops with us. That way we can plan our route better, and set schedule in advance.

We are now working on unique kintsugi / lacquer craft workshop for NOVEMBER 2023 in JAPAN! I guarantee you that it will be an ultra-ordinary experience, as you will be close to the urushi forest, meeting artisans who devoted their life tending the trees. How cool is that! So stay tuned on new announcement in the coming weeks.

urushi, japanese lacquer, kintsugi supplies, ki urushi
Want to meet the hands that cultivate urushi Japanese lacquer?

LAST BUT NOT LEAST... we are going on a summer holiday☀️ (sort of)...

This summer is brutal! It has been 35-38C EVERY SINGLE DAMN DAY for 3-4 weeks now.

The cicadas are louder than the traffic on the streets. It's that time of the year in Japan. will be closed for holiday from Aug 11 through Sept 1. So we can stay cool and also find some focus time for projects that have been in our pipeline for some time. This is our first holidays in 3 years!!

It is also when we will be meeting some of you in the US for kintsugi!! When Goenne Japan re-opens in September, we will feature new artisan stories, new works crafted by our artisans and new initiatives.

So if you need to place any order, do it before Aug 7 so we can clear the shipping before our summer holidays starting Aug 11 (Mountain Day in Japan). Sharing with you the cicada soundtrack that that can be heard everywhere in Japan:

We thank you wholeheartedly for your support and all your encouragement. And stay cool, don't melt! We'll be back!

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