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A Social Enterprise: Effort to Impact

Updated: Feb 22

When we first start-up, we set out to be a social innovation enterprise. We want to be social-responsible and place humanity and human connections at the forefront. Our effort in Japan is to bring awareness to domestic social challenges, to show the side beyond the glitz and glamour of Tokyo, while celebrate beautiful things that authentic souls (and hands) bring to our daily lives. Even though we are a small company in a small country, our vision is always beyond the boundary, as we are living in the era of global connections.

We decided to start 2023 with good deeds and think globally. It is something we feel obligated to do and hope we can gain your support in our "Tabi for Humanity" campaign.

We are now living a new chapter of Guns, Germs & Steel. We hope to use TfH as a channel to provide support for projects of good cause in the future, that includes emergency relief aid or other humanitarian crisis, international and domestic.

TABI for HUMANITY Donation Drive

Whenever you see the TfH logo in our communication, a donation campaign has been activated. The first and immediately support we would like to contribute is to the Türkiye-Syria earthquake. We first drafted this blog just 3 days ago, death toll was 33,000, and it has now become 45,000 (*Reuter) at the time of writing. Fed up with the word "unprecedented"? Can't seem to get away with it these couple of years.

Socks for Thought

I was putting on my socks and refilling my Japanese kerosene stove at home (whining to myself how expensive fuel has become). As cliche as it sounds, the news was show displaced people in Ukraine, Türkiye, Syria, talking about their difficulties in surviving the winter without proper shelter and heat. So there you go: "Tabi for Humanity". Think of those in need, while at warmth and comfort.



While at the comfort of your homes in warm socks, we urge you to please support our fundraising campaign for UNHCR:

Until March 30, with every pair of tabi-socks you purchased from , we will donate 1,000JPY to Japan's UNHCR. The donation will provide blankets, tents and basic necessity for the displaced in Türkiye and Syria.

How donations help. Reference from Japan for UNHCR:

12,000 JPY could provide winter coats for 8 person in the extremely cold region in Türkiye

36,000 JPY could provide electric heaters for 10 affected families in Türkiye

72,000 JPY could provide one tent for a displaced family in Syria


Small effort, Big Impact

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Flyer for Tabi Socks

We want to do something impactful even though we are small. To achieve that, we need your help.

  • Please help share this blog / campaign to more people and ask for their support.

  • Use the image / flyer we provided here to help communicate, if you are promoting the campaign in your blog or setting up your own drive.

Wear tabi-socks, remember the warmth and comfort that not everyone can enjoy.

  • Have more ideas on how to drive bigger impact? Send us a message! We love to learn to work smarter! Collective effort is the best.

Download PDF • 16.19MB

Where and How to purchase TfH Tabi Socks?

(a) Set it up as a drive within your friends, social circle or organization. Consolidate orders with your friends and community so we can ship everything in 1 package to 1 location where you can distribute to your group.

(b) Add a pair of tabi socks while you make purchase of other items from

(c) Alternatively, we have set up a dedicated webpage in Japan Yen for those who want to purchase ONLY tabi socks to support this donation drive. The shipping cost at this site will be slightly lower but the carrier only allows for sending tabi socks. Hope the weak yen will help a little as well.

Why Tabi socks?

Because it's iconically Japanese, and it represents warmth and stability. As an on-going commitment, through Tabi for Humanity, we hope we can quickly activate donation drive(s) as any crisis arise. At the same time, we will be continuing our core business mission in supporting soulful local businesses in lesser-known parts of Japan. A way to connect small Japanese businesses to the world. Compassion brings people closer together. So watch for our TfH tabi-heart logo!

Why UNHCR Japan?

The current campaign will donate to the Japan Chapter of UNHCR (The United Nation Refugee Agency) funds dedicated to provide emergency assistance for the Türkiye-Syria earthquake survivors. We are a business entity in Japan, so we will work with Japan chapter of international non-profit and UN agencies.

Pending on the crisis, we will designate the donation to the most suitable UN agencies, NPO or NGO. UNHCR is quick to mobilize disaster-relief team on the ground.

where to buy Japanese  tabi socks
QR Code to Tabi shop in JP Yen


So, this is how we start 2023. I hope you can join us. Or even better, be inspired to kick-start a donation drive to help Türkiye and Syria, or any other humanitarian crisis. Social responsibility is not only a hashtag or a CSR statement. Take action!

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