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Earn Points and Redeem Cash Discount! Read about the new Goenne Star Reward Program

It is official! You can now earn points and redeem cash discount through our Star Reward Program.

We are always grateful that you have found us and many of you have since been following our stories and growing with us. And we have been secretly accumulating points (for about 2 years) for each of you, whether you are a member, a subscriber or an existing customer of our shop. (A few with keen eyes have noticed this and has been asking about "how to use the points?")

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Gather for the Goenne Star-Rewards!

Today, we announce the launch of Goenne Star Reward Program so you can officially earn points to exchange for discount.


  • Every $1 you spend will add 1 point to your account.

  • Create a Member Account to access the points. (Many of you will see points already accumulated under your email address from past purchases)

  • There is no expiration date.

  • When you sign up as our (free) member, you will get 10 additional points, subscribe to our newsletter you also get 10 additional points.

*If you have already signed up or subscribed, there is no need to sign up again, as these extra points have already been added to your account (under the email address you signed up).

2 Discount Coupons:

3-Star Reward

Goenne Rewards Program

380 points for $10 coupon for purchase of $98 and over

5-Star Reward

Goenne Rewards Program

760 points for $25 coupon for purchase of $199 and over

Where to track my points? How to Redeem for rewards?

After you sign-in, you can see your purchase history and points accumulated on the member's page. Your points and eligible rewards will also show on the shopping check-out page. Simply Select the Reward and the cash discount will be applied to your balance.

Goenne Loyalty Program
Use Check-out Page to see eligible discount

Goenne Member Page
Use Member's Page to view Purchase History and Points

Many of you have used our shop for customized or unique gifting ideas, and for refilling kintsugi supplies. We hope this program will enhance your shopping experience. We have grown to know many of you through product inquiries, suggestions and encouragements. And many choose to continue to support us because we are a nano business. As we grow, we will extend this program and offer even more good deals. We will continue to work hard and bring more engaging artisan's stories and craftworks to you.

This system is still new, and we try to keep it simple. If you have any question or feedback, or if you encounter any glitch, please send us a message and let us know how we can make it better.

NOT YET A MEMBER? Sign Up now!

(already a member? Log-in to see your points)

Goenne Loyalty Program

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