The Making of Magemono

Round Containers


Trim & Plane

Dried cedar wood would be planed and trimmed to smooth finish and precise dimensions.  

Bento Boxes

IMG_2320 copy.jpg


Quality cedar will have to be dried for a year before they can be used for Magemono.

Cedar panels are planed and trimmed to size by the artisan.  In the old days, they are done by Japanese hand plane (called Kanna) and are extremely precise. 

The Finishing Touches


Cherry Bark Stitching

Both bento boxes and round boxes are finished with the iconic cherry bark stitching. 

Artisan has to trim bark sheet and retain the usable area with least holes and blemishes to create ribbon strips.  Each strip has to be scraped by the scissors and then stitched into the wood panel.  


They enhances the durability at the joint and are also creating simplistic pattern on the surface.  

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