The hero product from top-maker Kumamoto Koma:  This is the original Yame-region battling top (known as kenka koma), with the signature belly button bulge on the face.  The signature metal tip makes it suitable for any outdoor koma top battles.  It comes with a cotton string.  The replacement metal tip is available (sold separately). 


It is made with a rare hardwood that is becoming very difficult to source.   Mr. Kumamoto works hard to sustain the production of this legendary piece, and it is available in extreme limited quantity due to the material rarity now.  


Hand-turned and hand-painted by skillful top-makers at Mr. Kumamoto's woodshop in Yame City, Japan.  It is both a beautiful piece of craft art, as well as a high-performing top with good weight and perfect stability.  


KENKA KOMA  (translates to "Battle Top")
This is an ancient game that is still popular in Japan, kids and grownups run tournaments and battle at the park.  Participants would try to smash the spinning top over the opponent's top, and break it.  (super hard to break as they are made of hardwood).  Blemishes and dents on the top are like "trophy marks".   Kids also do tricks with them, like spinning it on the ground and then transition it to their palms.  


The Kumamotos have been producing this Yame kenka koma top since a century ago.   6th generation Mr. Tomonobu Kumamoto is running the operation.  This kenka koma is made with Japanese Stone Oak hardwood from Kyushu, which is extremely rare to find.  Every year, it is becoming more challenging for Mr. Kumamoto to produce this masterpiece.  Currently, only about 3000 units are produced every year, during a designated 10-days schedule.  


This very well-made wooden top is a great collectible toy and makes great 縁起物 "lucky gifts"; or for those who has the interest to pick up this action-pack leisure activity.  Every year, kids and grown-ups in Japan participate in kenka koma tournaments.  Mr. Kumamoto said as long as there are users, someone has to keep making them.   But no one for sure knows how long they can maintain the original material and production methods. 


Take the Kenka koma outdoor, to the park, to open baseball fields, get some fresh air and have some fun excercise.   

Watch kids in Japan battling with kenka koma 



Wood- Japanese Stone Oak from Kyushu

Metal (base tip)

Cotton String

Burlap bag for storage




DIMENSION  dia 74mm  dia 2.9"




* This Kenka koma is for OUTDOOR-USE.  The most suitable surface to play kenka koma is plywood board, dirt ground and even short-growing turf.   Asphalt or concrete is doable, but not recommended as it wears out the metal tip faster.  DO NOT use on interior wood flooring. 


* For INDOOR USE (like wood flooring at home), try our indoor koma with round wood base tips.   


* Recommend for children age 6 and over.  Throw only in open area and away from people and objects.   Larger size kenka koma available for adult.  Email us to inquire.  


OUTDOOR Yame Kenka Koma battle wood top

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