This is our mini-size taketombo.  (SET OF 5).  Get a troop of 5, and display them proudly on the wood base.  They do not only look cute as a display, they actually propels!   It takes very skillful hands to carve the propeller of this size. 


Ta-ke-ton-bo  translates to "bamboo dragonfly", is a traditional hand-crafted toy dated as far back as 8th century.  It is still commonly taught to primary school children in Japan.   Kai's regular-size taketombo could fly as high as 3-storey height. 


We asked Kai what makes Taketombo propels high.


WEIGHT - bamboo has to be stored for one year for it to be thoroughly dried. Technique to carve it thinly will also reduce weight.  It is said the bamboo wings could be carved to as thin as 0.2mm (0.008 inch).

BALANCE - Blades on the 2 sides will have to be carved with matching gradation in thickness. Maintaining same weight on the blades will provide balance. Adding a tiny bit of thickness to the tip edge will add to the centigual force for a balance spin.

FORM - the slight twist of the blade creates an aero-dynamic form that reduces friction while propelling.


It's time to put-down the mobile phone and video game console.  Have some simple pleasure with this fine hand-crafted toy. 


Comes with display wood stand.  (wood specie varies).



H 55mm. Wingspan 36mm (0.5g) 

Dimensions and weight varies as each is hand carved.



Bamboo, wood (stand)


Packaged in box  (see picture).


* Specification varies due to the nature of hand-made product. Each item is unique.



Taketombo - Mini (set of 5)

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