"Kinoko" means Mushroom in Japanese.  Each cup is hand-thrown and trimmed by 14th generation Ceramist Mr. Kajiwara at Yamamaru.   This is the taller brother of the Kinoko cup family. 


The infamous signature "tobikanna" (chattering pattern) of Koishwara-ware was minimally applied to the mushroom cap.  Koishiwara artisan takes pride and respect local natural material, which nurtures the 350-year-old craft tradition.


This cup is perfect for a cortado or macchiato, also great for pudding, ice-cream, or the popular Japanese "chawan mushi" savory steamed egg custard.



* Specification may varies due to the nature of hand-made product.  Each item is unique.

** Check our Product Care page for information on using and maintaining hand-made pottery.

KINOKO Cup - Beige

  • Height (lid on)  9 cm       3.54"

    Height (lid off)  8 cm       3.12"       

    Width (including handle)  9.5 cm      3.74"

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