If you are a fan of Delft Blue and Wedgewood fine china, then you will fall in love with Japan's Koun Kiln. You can own a piece of Japan Heritage.  This is how to look modern and stylish with traditional crafts.  

Hand-painted Humpback Whale on 6" shallow bowl.  They are artisanal, traditional porcelain work YET clean and minimal that fits your modern home style. Great tableware with a story when you have guests over. 


This bowl is perfect size for side salad or soup.  Or a lunch-size serving of pasta.   Can mix and match with the Sperm Whale bowl or other pieces.


Artisans in Mikawachi take pride in maintaining underglaze techniques:  Mastery in fine outlines, and gradation/depth of cobalt blue underglaze painting skills.  


KOUN KILN of Mikawachi


Artisan Takamitsu Imamura runs Koun Kiln and insists in handling every step of the process by himself, with the help of his wife.   When many porcelain producers evolve into using decal for cheaper and faster production, Mikawachi artisans strictly maintain the practice of hand-painting all of the work.  The delicate brush work and impeccable coloring skills is nothing compare to the souless motif decals.  Mr. Imamura's portraiture whales are always gentle, cheerful and playful.


Own a piece of Mikawachi history, a piece of artisan's dedication.  (Mikawachi-ware is recognized as Japan Heritage).


* Specification may varies slightly due to the nature of hand-made product.  Each item is unique.

Bowl with Humpback Whale

  • Dia 145mm  H 40mm

    Dia 5.7"  H 1.58"

  • Porcelain with underglaze painting

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