Kai started crafting chopticks by hands over a dacade ago.   He choose wood that is is soft to touch, and gives off a natural fragrance.  Kai stresses that he never like to add additional finish or stain to wood, in order to respect the material in its original state.   


The chopstick case was designed by Kai, expressing his technique and passion as a Daiku (carpenter).   It has a special hinge that swing open like a fan.  Kai called it "ka-na-me", inspired by the pivot hinge of a folded paper fan.  He also like to experiment with different wood in-lay to create interesting detailing.  At the top of the chopsticks, there are cross-shape in-laid. 


Kai's handcrafted chopsticks are made-to-order.  It takes 8 working days to produce.  We also offer special "name calligraphy" on the case, we can translate any Western language into Japanese characters.    This would make a very unique gift for your special occasion (anniversary, wedding, celebration, New Year... etc. ).  So plan ahead and order early! 


We will start accepting order in mid-November.  Stay tuned for announcement!  Email us if you have any question.


Cypress Chopsticks Handmade by Kai

  • Japanese specie:


    Dragon Juniper(type of Cypress, evergreen)

  • Wood Case 260mm x 35mm x 12mm  (11" x 1.38" x  0.48")

    Chopsticks length:  230 cm (9")

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