Hand-crafted, all-natural incense. It contains no preservatives, coloring, artificial fragrance or chemical additives.  With only 2 natural ingredients (just leaves), couldn't get any simpler and more natural than this.


1 is too little, 3 is too many?  You have asked, and we are answering: Customers have been asking if there is 2 bundle available, so we created this option for those who want 2 packs in 1 shipment.   It is still individually packaged so you can save one for later or share it with a friend!  (Of course the 90g - 3 bundles is still an existing option).


Takeshi Baba and his wife Chieko, have been maintaining the traditional method of manufacturing cedar leaf powder from scratch at their 100-year-old watermill, a sustainable and renewable resource.  The cedar leaves are collected by Takeshi after logging and forest-thinning and processed at the Watermill. Tabunoki leaves (with a natural sap) are added as an organic binder. 


Made with 100% natural cedar and tabunoki leaves.  

Simple and modest scent of dry cedar.  The thin smoke drifts to create an air of serenity.  Cedar also has natural insect-repellent properties.


Burn time: approx. 45 mins per stick.


READ MORE on the making of Baba Incense.


Local, All-Natural Ingredient (from the forest of Oku Yame in Kyushu): 

  • Japanese Cedar leaves
  • Tabunoki (Machilus thunbergil) leaves 


QTY  net weight 30g (1 bundle each) x 2 package.  Total 60g. 



Use with incense holders on non-flammable surface.

Do not leave burning incense unattended. 



Store incense in cool dry place.  If incense will not be used for awhile, place them in zipper bags and keep away from moisture to prevent molding.   There is no specfic shelf-life but we recommend using them within 1 year for best aroma.   



2-PACK Handcrafted All-natural Cedar Incense 60g

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