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koishiwara ware

Koishiwara is a small village in central Fukuoka, Kyushu.  Kilns originated in the 1600s and are still run by small families, passing down their skills and signature techniques from one generation to the next, dedicating their life in producing utilitarian pottery.  "Tobikanna", "Hakeme", "Yubikaki" are some of the techniques that Koishiwara artisans perfected.

There are no better words to describe koishiwara-ware than "you no bi" 用の美 (Beauty of Functionality), as coined by Mingei Movement (民芸運動) instigator Soetsu Yanagi (柳宗悦) in the early 1920s.  There are about 50 kilns in the village still actively producing everything by hand using traditional tools and local material.

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