The art of mending ceramics and glass with natural lacquer and real gold. 

This is the place for those seeking quality and authentic information from the lens of Japanese artisans.  

We decided to write the following articles because of the many misinformation in kintsugi method and materials in the market.  We understand the challenge for overseas advocates to get genuine English information on this rare craft and to procure material and tools.  We are sad to see serious overseas advocates paying premium for anything from commodified kintsugi pieces, to substitute-material and amateur tool sets.

Ultimately, you choose the methods and tools for your own kintsugi projects. For us, we want to provide true understanding of this ancient crafts and gain respect for artisans that devoted their life in learning and practicing this slow craft.  We hope you find our information and effort beneficial to your learning and practicing of this craft, being miles away from Japan. 

We'd love to hear from overseas kintsugi advocates

Let us know if you would like to build a kinstugi community with us.  Send us any inquiry about repairing your broken ware in Japan, share with us your kintsugi works, let's have dialogues about the practice.

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